Yachts in Hong Kong turns into unlicensed hotel rooms

In Hong Kong, some yacht owners have turned their yachts into superb hotel rooms for just HK$700 a night in violation of city ordinances. At least ten advertisements have been given by local yacht owners on the Airbnb website, an online marketplace for travel accommodation, Headline Daily reported on Friday.

The yachts on offer as hotel are parked at Sai Kung, Lantau Island and Sham Wan with prices ranging from HK$700 to more than HK$3,000 per night. The advertisements had pictures as well as detailed descriptions of the boats as well as their facilities, transportation and tourist spots nearby, check-in and check-out time, along with all the do’s and don’ts like smoking is allowed only on the deck.

Yacht on Airbnb

An English owner told a UK Yacht Charter Company that he has 2 yachts parked in Sham Wan that could be rented at around HK$1,100 per room per night. In the testimonials, those who stayed there sent compliments regarding the installations on board and the convenience of renting a bedroom on a yacht. But another said that the boat was not properly maintained and it also had rats on the deck. Another complained regarding the inconvenience of riding on a skiff to get to the yacht.

Reports suggests that Marine Department told that at this point of time there are just 4 licensed dwelling vessels in Hong Kong and all other yachts could not be used as hotel rooms. As per Merchant Shipping (Local Vessels) Regulation, yachts can be utilized for entertainment purpose only.