The Last Vendee Globe Boat

The Vendee Globe Race Village was opened on October 18 at Les Sables d’Olonne. They allocated space for 29 IMOCAs. But only 28 turned up. They allocated space on the Port Olonna race dock. Which was the missing boat? Well, we are referring TechnoFirst-face Ocean, owned by Sebastien Destremau. For Destremau, the last few weeks have been very demanding. The boat was dismasted on 31st August.

Well, after the entire struggle, the boat has finally arrived this morning at 1000 hrs. With that, all the 29 IMOCAs have been lined up for the 8th Vendee Globe. The event is scheduled to start on 6th November, Sunday.

For Destremau, it was a huge setback, when the boat was dismasted just 2 months prior to the Vendee Globe. They dismasted it during measurement checks. But for Destremau, he has always been positive about his chances of taking part. One has to say that his faith has paid off eventually, especially given at one stage he was said to have booked a Yacht Charter in Trogir.

He was given special dispensation until 2300 hrs this Morning evening. The good thing is that the boat is finally here in good condition. Read more… “The Last Vendee Globe Boat”