The Lesson About Inflated Protection Devices

Glenn McCarthy had more than 10 years’ experience at the US Sailing Safety at Sea Committee, exploring the amount of knowledge that the members had. He was present in the room where everyone gathered to get Floatation devices that had been inflated (PDFs) and is approved by the Coast Guard of the United States.  The arguments were made against PFDs, making some points as following- (1.) They remain unused. (2.) They are very heated on the hot summer days and boating is summer activity. (3.) Women don’t wear them because they don’t look attractive on them. The Australian boat went to the U.S. and they had to buy only those devices that had been approved by the authority. The “All Women’s Aussie sailboat went to Hawaii for the race and they took the foam that had been approved by the Coast Guard, PDFs which they wore on the way back home. For keeping the weight low, they kept the approved foam PDFs placed over the floor and left inflatable on the shore in order to create savings in weight. The devices ran due to some problem and lost one of them had been lost due to the drowning issue. The U.S. Coast Guard established construction standards and approval process for inflatable PFDs.

  • Auto
  • Pull tab

These three are options available on an automatic inflatable to inflate. According to this, only a stable person who is confident in water can use it. A person who does not swim should not use any inflatable PFD.
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