Ocean’s Queen Come to Port Anniversary of Hamburg

4 splendidly large ships are going to come to Hamburg for the eight hundred and thirtieth anniversary which is to be held from 10th to 12th of May. The four ships are Kruzenshtern, Mir, Alexander von Humboldt II, and Sedov.

The Queen is going to take part in the grand departure and arrival parades at the center of the city. The grand arrival will be on Friday, while the departure will be on Sunday. During this time, the visitors are going to be invited to take a look around.

Apart from these tall ships, the anniversary of Hamburg Port is going to be the meeting place for about 300 vessels of different kinds. This will include the different sailing vessels which will be open to the visitors.

At present, Alexander von Humboldt is the largest operating training ship of Germany that is 66 meters in length. It has a 3 masted barque and had been launched in the year 2011 at Bremen as Alexander von Humboldt’s successor. It belongs to the Deutsche Stiftung Sail Training, the non-profit foundation.

Having a regular crew of 21 and offering places for about 55 training that will pay for the trip and will get to know about the basic skill to sail. Starting from helmsman to trainees is going to be under the command of the first female captain of Germany of a tall ship.

For the first time in 2003, Maren Reif had been a trainee on Deutsche Stiftung Sail Training. This was a life-altering experience for her. The trip through the Bay of Biscay from Travemünde to Lisbon had been really exciting and this is the reason he planned to give up his job of communication designer to take up nautical studies. After she was done with her studies, she became a part of the Hamburg shipping company, secured her license, and today, she works the maritime inspector.