Blair Tuke Face Toughest Condition During VOR

It is going slow for Blair Tuke and his MAPFRE crew as they are moving towards Hong Kong on leg four of the Volvo Ocean Race (VOR).

The boats have made their way almost out of an extended ‘Doldrums’ passage which has seen them fighting the condition of total lack of wind as well as intense heat. The boat is still some seven-to-eight days away from arrival in the south-east Asia.

Tuke, a member of the America’s Cup victorious, winning Team, New Zealand, said the event’s last week has been eye opening – we encountered some of the career’s most challenging days during the event.

In an interview Tuke said, “Soon after we reached the Solomon Island we got stuck for two-and-a-half days. It was super-hot downstairs and this made it almost impossible for us to take sleep for three-odd days.

“At the time, it was quite hard going and we were sailing at an average about 2 knot speeds over that period but thankfully, things have improved somewhat since.

“It was certainly being a big and tough challenge that is for sure.”

During the interview, Tuke said that the crew feels like they have sailed all through the worst of it – and they believe that the excitement levels of sailing will boost up when the boats will hit the ‘trade’ winds, and it is likely to happen by Friday evening (NZT).

“Now, we are almost out of these conditions – we will now wait and watch, but this has seemed like a super long leg after traveling around in the slow winds.”

“Once we will get into the trade winds, it will become surely the more about boat speed as we move towards the Philippines – the sailing will be much nicer.