Ocean’s Queen Come to Port Anniversary of Hamburg

4 splendidly large ships are going to come to Hamburg for the eight hundred and thirtieth anniversary which is to be held from 10th to 12th of May. The four ships are Kruzenshtern, Mir, Alexander von Humboldt II, and Sedov.

The Queen is going to take part in the grand departure and arrival parades at the center of the city. The grand arrival will be on Friday, while the departure will be on Sunday. During this time, the visitors are going to be invited to take a look around.

Apart from these tall ships, the anniversary of Hamburg Port is going to be the meeting place for about 300 vessels of different kinds. This will include the different sailing vessels which will be open to the visitors.

At present, Alexander von Humboldt is the largest operating training ship of Germany that is 66 meters in length. It has a 3 masted barque and had been launched in the year 2011 at Bremen as Alexander von Humboldt’s successor. It belongs to the Deutsche Stiftung Sail Training, the non-profit foundation.

Having a regular crew of 21 and offering places for about 55 training that will pay for the trip and will get to know about the basic skill to sail. Starting from helmsman to trainees is going to be under the command of the first female captain of Germany of a tall ship.

For the first time in 2003, Maren Reif had been a trainee on Deutsche Stiftung Sail Training. This was a life-altering experience for her. The trip through the Bay of Biscay from Travemünde to Lisbon had been really exciting and this is the reason he planned to give up his job of communication designer to take up nautical studies. After she was done with her studies, she became a part of the Hamburg shipping company, secured her license, and today, she works the maritime inspector.

The Lesson About Inflated Protection Devices

Glenn McCarthy had more than 10 years’ experience at the US Sailing Safety at Sea Committee, exploring the amount of knowledge that the members had. He was present in the room where everyone gathered to get Floatation devices that had been inflated (PDFs) and is approved by the Coast Guard of the United States.  The arguments were made against PFDs, making some points as following- (1.) They remain unused. (2.) They are very heated on the hot summer days and boating is summer activity. (3.) Women don’t wear them because they don’t look attractive on them. The Australian boat went to the U.S. and they had to buy only those devices that had been approved by the authority. The “All Women’s Aussie sailboat went to Hawaii for the race and they took the foam that had been approved by the Coast Guard, PDFs which they wore on the way back home. For keeping the weight low, they kept the approved foam PDFs placed over the floor and left inflatable on the shore in order to create savings in weight. The devices ran due to some problem and lost one of them had been lost due to the drowning issue. The U.S. Coast Guard established construction standards and approval process for inflatable PFDs.

  • Auto
  • Pull tab

These three are options available on an automatic inflatable to inflate. According to this, only a stable person who is confident in water can use it. A person who does not swim should not use any inflatable PFD.
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Updates Of Star Sailors League Final Full 11 Qualifier (SSLFFQ)

After another three races on Montagu Bay of Nassau, Bahamas, the Star Sailors League Final full 11 Qualifier race were completed to check which ten out of 25 teams would progress and make it to the final rounds, when the prize pot of US$ 200,000 will be distributed.

In the first race there was an upset when another of the newbies Star won, beating the old hands of the former Olympic keelboat class. Ben Saxton British Nacra 17 World Champion is sailing with Steve Mitchell, former Star World Champion, managed to secure the position of lead after winning the pin at the beginning and then fending off a persistent challenge from Mark Mendelblatt and Brian Fatih, the USA’s overall leaders.
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Blair Tuke Face Toughest Condition During VOR

It is going slow for Blair Tuke and his MAPFRE crew as they are moving towards Hong Kong on leg four of the Volvo Ocean Race (VOR).

The boats have made their way almost out of an extended ‘Doldrums’ passage which has seen them fighting the condition of total lack of wind as well as intense heat. The boat is still some seven-to-eight days away from arrival in the south-east Asia.

Tuke, a member of the America’s Cup victorious, winning Team, New Zealand, said the event’s last week has been eye opening – we encountered some of the career’s most challenging days during the event.

In an interview Tuke said, “Soon after we reached the Solomon Island we got stuck for two-and-a-half days. It was super-hot downstairs and this made it almost impossible for us to take sleep for three-odd days.

“At the time, it was quite hard going and we were sailing at an average about 2 knot speeds over that period but thankfully, things have improved somewhat since.

“It was certainly being a big and tough challenge that is for sure.”

During the interview, Tuke said that the crew feels like they have sailed all through the worst of it – and they believe that the excitement levels of sailing will boost up when the boats will hit the ‘trade’ winds, and it is likely to happen by Friday evening (NZT).

“Now, we are almost out of these conditions – we will now wait and watch, but this has seemed like a super long leg after traveling around in the slow winds.”

“Once we will get into the trade winds, it will become surely the more about boat speed as we move towards the Philippines – the sailing will be much nicer.

Nagel Excited To Be Part Of AkzoNobel Team

Emily Nagel dream was to compete in the Volvo Ocean Race, after being selected for the race; she is delighted that her childhood dream of taking part in the prestigious Volvo Ocean Race (VOC) has been finally fulfilled.

She has been after being selected for in the Team AkzoNobel as the crew member.

The Bermudian girl was given the opportunity yesterday after going through the two months of trials with the syndicate of Dutch racing, led by two-times Simeon Tienpont, the winner of America Cup. During the trial, Nagel sailed several thousand miles and also participated in the Volvo Ocean Race “Leg Zero” all four legs of the qualifier series; this includes the classic Rolex Fastnet Race as well. Read more… “Nagel Excited To Be Part Of AkzoNobel Team”

Melbourne Added To Volvo Ocean Race Route

The Volvo Ocean Race fans in Melbourne will be getting a Christmas gift in 2017 as the city has been added to the route of this popular racing event.

The Volvo Ocean Race is set to kick start in October and the new change in the 2017-18 race route means that Australia will be part of this racing route for the 8th time. This also happens to be Australia’s first appearance in this popular racing event for over a decade.

Melbourne seems to fit between Cape Town and Hong Kong and you will see a compressed stopover in this wonderful city. It will be the ending point of the first Southern Volvo Ocean race leg and will complete the 45,000 nautical mile route. This is the first time the teams will be making three times more miles in the Southern Ocean when compared to the previous race editions. Read more… “Melbourne Added To Volvo Ocean Race Route”

Sailing Yacht Research Foundation to go through a leadership change

The Sailing Yacht Research Foundation stated that their Myles Cornwell, Executive Director, would be stepping down from his post to go back to his work as a naval architect. Earlier, the SYRF Board of Directors has appointed Research Analyst McKenzie Wilson as Cornwell’s successor as an interim basis, who has been with SYRF since the year 2015’s September.
Under Cornwell’s guidance, SYRF has got great impulse in its aim to include science in sailing, most notably by helping in the culmination of the landmark Wide-Light Project which researched the precision of CFD codes in modeling sailboat works of modern hull designs, making the SYRF online Library of published research, as well as other important SYRF backed programs.
Before becoming a part of the Sailing Yacht Research Foundation, Wilson was a cloud software consultant at Oracle, where she partnered with corporate clients to improve analysis and data access. Wilson is a Stanford University graduate, and he was a member of Academic All-American at the university sailing team. He is still very much actively involved in high performance handicap sailing across the United States and internationally, contending in pack and match racing, very recently having won the ISAF Nations Cup 2015 in Vladivostok in Russia. Wilson would bring both racing as well as analytical experience to the place.

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